Long ago, a member of the Samoothiri family married a lady from Valluvanad. After he ascended the throne, he used to conduct 41 days of kalampattu to "Vettakkoru Makan". Once his queen jokingly told him "Instead of conducting daily kalampattu to Vettakkorumakan, if you conduct one Kalampattu to my mother (Bhadrakali), she will reach the kalam here on the third kottu (drumbeat)." This statement irritated Samoothiri and he shouted "I shall conduct the kalampattu to Bhadrakali tomorrow itself, and, if as you said, Bhagavathi does not come to kalam, I will cut off your head". The queen did not expect Samoothiri to take her words so seriously. She started praying  to the Goddess. That same evening, both the thanthris at Thirumandhamkunnu had Darshan of Bhagavathi in their sleep. The Goddess instructed them to conduct Athazhapuja at about 3 pm next day.  On that day, after the puja, people found one Komaram (An Oracle of the temple) taking Devi Darsan, and then running through the southern corridor. The oracle (a representative of Devi herself) reached the place at Kozhikode, where Kalampattu was taking place. He jumped to the "Peedhom", removed the Utayata (Bhagavathi's dress), and sat on it. He sat there till the Kalam pattu was over. Immediately after, he performed a ferocious dance and asked Samoothiri loudly, "Are you testing me?" Samoothiri immediately prostrated before him, and apologised. Pacified by his sincerity, the Oracle stated, "I am happy you have realised your mistake. Hereafter remember this incident, by arranging daily puja at Thirumandhamkunnu as done today" and the Komaram suddenly disappeared.
Samoothiri was never able to defeat the army of Vallukanari, even though Vallukanari had fewer soldiers. A surprised Samoothiri asked Sree Villwamangalam Swamiar the reason for this. The Swamiar asked Samoothiri to touch him by one finger, close one eye and then look at the battlefield. When Samoothiri did so, he saw "Bhadrakali" ie Thirumandhamkunnilamma attired in red garb with sword and shield, standing by the side of Vallukanari and directing the battle. Later, Samoothiri, in the garb of a Sannyasi (Bhikshu) did tapas for 41days at Thirumandhamkunnu and this pleased the Goddess. When Bhagavathi asked what he wanted as varam, he said he wanted Sakthi to conquer Valluvanad. The goddess said the whole of Valluvanad belonged to her and it was to be ruled by her devotees ie Vallukanaris. However, she promised half her strength to Samoothiri. Because of this help, Samoothiri built the "Thiruvalayanad Temple" in the model of Thirumandhamkunnu Temple and installed Bhadrakali there.

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