About 3-4 months before the starting of the Pooram, there is daily Kalampattu at the temple. The assigned Kurups draw the kalam and one of the pujaris of the temple conducts the puja every night. On the third day of the Pooram, the temple flag is hoisted on the big mast in front of the temple by the Thanthri. After the Pandiradi puja (When the Sun's shadow measured 12 feet, as measured by the human foot.). The Thanthri takes out the deity and climbs on an elephant which is properly caparisoned and decorated.After a few circumambulations of the temple, accompanied by musicians playing on drums and pipes, the procession starts  its downward journey from the Northern Gopuram down the steps of the temple. After the procession reaches the foot of the hillock, the Thanthri alights from the elephant and takes the deity down to the stream. The deity is given an elaborate ritual bath.This normally takes more than an hour. The musicians keep time with the rituals. The deity is then taken back to the temple.

This ceremony is repeated on all the eleven days, twice daily, except on the tenth day, when the deity is taken out for a ritual re-enactment of a hunt. The Pooram is characterised by fireworks every night, and cultural programmes daily, like classical music, dance and drama.( The pooram Utsavam at Angadipuram is very elaborate and has all the rituals)
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