There is a Temple on the plains of this hillock about 200 yards from the Thirumandhamkunnu temple. This temple was renovated due to the untiring efforts of a Gandhi Sishya who organised Sathyagraha for a number of days to overcome objections to the renovation. The Temple, which is considered to be an ancient one and a part of the 18 Tali temples (Shiva temples) built by Parasurama. Only the big Shivalinga and the plinth of the temple was intact, although covered by shrubs. A local spotted the Shivalinga and the Hindus there joined together and planned to start puja there.
However, there was a small structure nearby (about 100 yards) from there, used for Namaz by local Muslims, who objected to it. The case was reported to Sree K.Kelappan who was a Sarvodaya worker and he planned a peaceful Sathyagraha. Kerala at that time was under Communist rule. The Communist government ordered a wall to be erected around the deity so that Hindus could not do their puja there. Some young people, under the instruction of Sree Kelappan, broke the wall and started the worship again, keeping a 24-hour sit-in Sathyagraha. This went on for several days and the movement also attracted large outside support. People from distant places started to come and offer sathyagraha. Due to public support the Govt did not take any further action and soon a small temple was built there. The administration of the temple is now with Kshetra Samrakshana Samithi and the temple is functioning well there.

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