There once was a great Devotee of Thirumandhamkunnilamma at Angadipuram. His name was Neralath Ramapuduval. He was born about 30 kms away from Angadipuram. Since his uncle was the hereditary drum beater at the Temple, Rama Puduval in his boyhood days came to live with him.
Rama Puduval had a great talent for music. In order to learn music, he went and lived with different teachers. From one teacher he mastered Sopana Sangitham. This is normally sung in temples. Although many of the ragas are similar to Karnatic music, it is sung in a different style. From another Uncle he mastered the Edakka (a light and sweet sounding drum with thin leather ends, the tension of which can be continually adjusted by the singer's left hand pressing and releasing the threads used to tie the two ends together. It has the shape of a damaru. He also mastered the Veena.
Later he went to Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar and learnt Karnatic Music. Even though he considered Chempai as his great Guru he was always devoted to Sopana type of music, which is the music sung during Kathakali, Mohiniattam and in temples during Pujas. In spite of his being a great musician he did not earn much. He roamed about the countryside singing voluntarily in temples, without taking anything for these services.
For a short period, he lived like a mild eccentric, but after treatment for a few years he became normal. Recognition came very late to him ie when he was about 78 years old when he was awarded the Sangeeth Natak Academy award. He remained throughout his life, a great devotee of Thirumandhamkunnilamma. Most of the days one could see him in the temple and he used to leave the temple only after all the pujas late in the night. The local people say he was always accompanied by the divine mother whenever he returned from the temple.

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