1.Valiya Vilakku:: Rs 350
2.Neivilakku: Rs 5
3.Enna Vilakku: Rs 2
4.Mala: Rs 1
5.Ganapathi Homam: Rs 12
6.Kootu Ganapathy Homam: Rs 120
7.Pushpanjali: Rs 2
8.Rakhtha Pushpanjali: Rs 5
9.Swayamvaramanthram Pushpanjali: Rs 6
10.Bhagyasooktham Pushpanjali: Rs 6
11.Lalitha Sahasranamam Pushpanjali: Rs 6
12.Saraswatha Sooktham Pushpanjali: Rs 6
13.Thrushtuppu Manthram Pushpanjali: Rs 6
14.Aikamathya Sooktham Pushpanjali: Rs 6
15.Dwadasakshari Manthram Pushpanjali: Rs 6
16.Thrimadhuram: Rs 4
17. Unda Thrimadhuram: Rs 30
18. Neipayasam: Rs 20
19.Nalikera Payasam: Rs 30
20.Kadhina Payasam: Rs 30
21.Koottu Payasam: Rs 170
22.Palpayasam: Rs 25
23.Appam: Rs 20
24. Otta: Rs 25
25.Ada: Rs 30
26. Sadhya Namaskaram: Rs 25
27.Trikala pooja: Rs 70
28.Dhara/Sankhabhishekam: Rs 10
29.Elaneer Dhara: Rs 20
30.Karuka Homam: Rs 20
31.Mruthyunjaya Homam: Rs 70
32.Vella Nivdyam: Rs 5
33.Veti (for one each): Rs 4
34.Malar Nivedyam: Rs 2
35.Muttarukkal: Rs 1
36.Milk and Bananas for Naga gods: Rs 10
37.Niramala: Rs 300
38.Vivaham (marriage): Rs 100
39.Chorun (Annaprasan): Rs 20
40.Chatursatham (101 coconuts): Rs 2100
41.Chathursatham (201 coconuts): Rs 3400
42.Mahasandhya Namaskaram: Rs 190
43.Umamaheswara /Mahalakshmi pooja: Rs 150
44.Dambati pooja: Rs 150
45.Mangalya pooja
First year: Rs 220
Second year: Rs 400
Third year: Rs 720
It is believed that pooja is to be done for all the three years, even if the marriage takes place in the first or second year.
46.Mahaganapathi homam: Rs 900
47.Mruthyunjayahomam: Rs 1,900
48.Rudrabhishekam: Rs 2,500
49.Kal Kazhuki Oottu: Rs 950
50.Sree Rudram Dhara: Rs 600
51.Kalabham: Rs 2750
52.Deepasthambham Theliyikkal: Rs 1000
53.1001 Kutam Dhara for Shiva: Rs 650
54.Udayasthamana Pooja: Rs 6000
55.Anayootu: Rs 300
56.Chamayam charthal: Rs 120
57.Oil for Ketavilakku: Rs 50
58.Thrithali Charthal: Rs 15
59.Chuvappu Charthal: Rs 15
60.Aal Rupam: Contact Manager for cost
61.Kutty Thotti Charthal: Rs 10
62.Thulabharam Thattu Panam only: Rs 5
63.One day's pooja: Rs 600
64.One time Pooja (Oru Nerathe Pooja): Rs 150
65.Lakshmi Narayana Pooja: Rs 150
66.Adithya Pooja: Rs 25
68.Kumkumarchana: Rs 40
69.Kumkumarchana (with Lalitha Sahasranamam): Rs 100
70.Nei Japam: Rs 5
71.Malarpara: Rs 175
72.Manjal Powder (for Naga gods): Rs 10

The cost of Kalampattu and Chanthattam varies. All other rates are also subject to change. please check with the management before ordering any pujas.

Money for the Vazhivadu should be sent by MO or Draft. If the devotee wants to receive the prasadam by post, add Rs 3 to the cost. (within India only).

Address of Manager:
Sri Thirumandhamkunnu Bhagavathi Devaswam
Post Box No 5
Post Angadipuram-679 321
Malappuram District
Kerala (India)
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