The main idol in the temple is of Thirumandham Kunnilamma (Goddess Bhadrakali in the form of the Mother) installed in the main temple called the Mathrusala. This idol is made of wood  (wood from the jackfruit tree-Daru).

Even though idols made of Daru can be found in a number of Devi temples in Kerala, the one at Thirumandhamkunnu excels them all in size and workmanship. The idol is about 6 feet high, in a sitting posture, with left leg bent, foot resting on her lap and the right touching the ground. She holds the head of the demon Darika in one hand and weapons in her other seven hands.She has, as a whole, a fierce appearance. However, a devotee can feel her motherly affection when standing in front of the Deity.
In most temples the Deity is placed in front of the entrance so that devotees can have a clear view. However, at Thirumandhamkunnu, the Deity sits slightly to the left of the entrance. The minor idols of the Saptha Mathrukkal (seven goddesses) are also made of daru, but are smaller in size compared to the mother goddess.

There is also an idol of a child, also made of daru, near the Saptha Mathrukkal. As the legend goes, this child, now called the temple child, was brought by Shiva and Parvathi to assuage the anger of Kali as she returned after killing Darika.
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